Farm Management

Clients of Cotton-Grave Farm Management include local and absentee landowners, investors, trusts, estates, and conservatorships.

Tenant Selection

Cotton-Grave selects the farm tenant. Preference is given to working with the existing tenant unless conditions dictate a change. We negotiate a crop share or cash rent lease, whichever is most beneficial for the owner.  We try at all times to be fair in our dealing with the operator and as a result, have developed a cordial and trusting business relationship with them. We feel this policy benefits owners and is a testiment to our remarkable tenure of retained tenants and clients.

Annual Conference

Each year Cotton-Grave hosts a farm tenants meeting in which highly respected resource people give presentations on a variety of technology and business topics. We consider our farm tenants as equal partners in the success of the farm and make every attempt to ensure their success with respect to farm industry knowledge.

Crop Share Management

For crop share farms, Cotton Grave will monitor, facilitate and report to the (owner/client) the following:

  • Crop planning facilitation between tenant and owner
  • Detailed plat map of crops planted and all crop inputs
  • Midyear crop reporting and mid-season financial reporting
  • Harvest report yields and grain sales/stored
  • Year end report and financial statement summary

Cash Rent Management

In partnership with your farm manager, Cotton Grave ensures a "No Hassle" approach to lease arrangement to the tenant. Our approach is straight forward and includes:

  • Annual lease negotiations with tenants
  • Record retention of conservation practices & maintence dealings
  • Acre reporting/Documenting
  • Cash rent collection/remittence payments
  • 1099 reporting

We also send an "Annual Report to Clients" an informatitive report which represents our perspective of agricultural conditions throughout the year.

Grain Marketing

Cotton-Grave will take charge of marketing of the client's grain under the crop share leases and be responsible for administering the government farm programs.

Liquidation Management

Our experienced team will handle the facilitation of land ownership transfers, ensuring all legal dealings and management of land are handled in a hassle free manner for your family while providing care for the stewardship of your land.

Financial Management

Cotton-Grave will handle all accounting, deposit receipts, and pay all bills, including real estate taxes and insurance. Financial reports are sent at midyear and in December. The year end financial sumary is a comprehensive, readable report that will serve as a basis for client's income tax preparation.

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