7 tips for keeping up with farming technology
September 30, 2020

7 tips for keeping up with farming technology

Farmers have more tools than ever to work with to ensure their land produces and their farming operations achieve success. New technology seems to be released every day that is specifically geared toward helping farmers.

But how do you or your tenant farmers stay updated with technology when trying to keep track of every shiny new thing that’s thrown your way seems to take attention away from actual farming?

That’s where a farm management services provider, such as our team at Cotton Grave, comes in. We work with our clients, which include farmers, tenant farmers and landowners who don’t farm the land themselves, to make sure everyone is updated and has opportunities to gain access to a variety of technology services that can help improve efficiencies and results.

However, there are other great ways to stay up to speed on ag technology that may be beneficial to your farm. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for your business operations.

1. Attend workshops or training events

You are not the only farmer or landowner who is aware of the need to keep up with technology geared toward the agriculture industry. In fact, there are many industry groups, associations and extension and outreach arms of universities that host or put on events that focus on becoming familiar with new technology that could provide useful to your own operations.

Some of these events take on a more traditional class style, which can take place over the course of several weeks, while others are shorter workshops that may only last a day or two. Either option is great for a thorough rundown of specific technology that may be able to deliver improved results for a farmer or landowner.

2. Check out the latest equipment

So much of today’s newer equipment features technological improvements that have helped make farming tasks faster, more efficient and even easier. Consider how much instrumentation is in today’s combines compared with those of the past.

But it doesn’t end there. Technology in ag equipment helps farmers apply seeds, water, fertilizer and pesticides in precise locations to get better and better yields.

This latest equipment can help improve crop productivity and lower an operation’s costs for water and chemicals. Other improvements have led to safer equipment for both operators and those around the equipment.

3. Pick up the phone

Another way farmers and landowners can keep up with new technology is to check out all the apps for smartphones and tablets that have been developed to assist farmers.

It’s probably a safe bet that your smartphone goes with you almost everywhere you go. If not, then you are missing out on a world of apps that are meant to make your farming operation more efficient.

From ag-specific accounting apps, to nutrient monitoring and advice, to apps that have been integrated with GPS to allow for tracking field performance, there’s a lot out there to explore.

Simply browsing the app store or talking to others about what apps they use could prove very beneficial.

4. Invest in mobile devices

On a related note, farmers should invest in smartphones and other mobile devices, such as tablets, to get a real sense of how much more information they can access while in the field with these devices.

This technology, which literally puts information at your fingertips, is absolutely invaluable – and can truly offer a jump start on improving overall farming operations from all aspects of the business.

5. Participate in on-farm trials

If you are looking for a more hands-on and active way of learning new technology in products or equipment, then consider participating in an on-farm trial.

On-farm trials are meant to evaluate emerging production practices, which can often involve updated technology, under conditions that will actually be found out in the field. Not only could an on-farm trial unlock how you can improve your own farm, but you can also share the knowledge you have gained from the experience with others.

You can even encourage other neighboring farmers to participate in the trial at the same time as you. This can lead to some great note-sharing opportunities. It also will give farmers a better idea of what practices work best and under what conditions they work best.

6. Stay informed with ag media

Another very easy way to stay current on emerging farming technologies is to subscribe, read or listen to media sources that are specific to agriculture.

There are so many options. Just a few include:

And there are often even more local sources of agriculture news that can offer even more applicable information based on your region or area.

7. Don’t be afraid to get a little curious

Farmers are always looking ahead. Some have even called them futurists, seeing as how they are constantly looking forward to the next week’s weather and crop trends that may affect future harvests.

If there is any part of your farming operation that could benefit from a boost, then perhaps technology could fill that gap. Ask others about how they have handled similar experiences – and don’t be afraid to research or even try new technologies that could help.

How Cotton Grave helps clients with new technology

Here at Cotton Grave, we pride ourselves on offering many farm management services that help our clients achieve goals and get results.

One of the ways we do this is by holding our annual conference, which we host for farm tenants. At this conference, we bring in highly respected people and providers who deliver presentations on many different technology and business topics.

This is just one of the ways we make sure our clients are always aware and have opportunities to gain access to the latest and greatest ag technology that can improve their operations.

Let’s talk about your farmland

Cotton Grave Farm Management’s team of agriculture experts is ready to help you reach your goals and achieve great results.

Reach out to us today to discuss everything from farm management to farm real estate. We are ready to help you on your path toward an even more successful farming operation.

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